Kids Meme So Much Contest 2019

The idea of this campaign is to create original memes that celebrate Child Support. Entries must be original ideas using existing themes or original photos. Many times, this can not only be humorous, but can also reflect our daily mission in a positive and meaningful way to the public. The use humor and pop culture prowess can be a powerful tool in Child Support’s ongoing effort to enlighten the public of our rich calling. Our hope is to initiate a purposeful conversation about child support and the services we offer to the public.

This contest officially starts May 15th, 2019  and ends July 5th, 2019.  The prize for the winning office is an exclusive PIZZA PARTY from a restaurant in your area!
There are many options for meme generators. You are welcome to use the free services they provide. Below is one example of a meme generator you can use and instructions for use.

  1. Follow this link:
  2. From here you have two options:
    • Upload your own image or choose from a popular meme background.
    • Choose an existing background provided by the website.

After the image is loaded, you will add the text.  If you click on “More Options”, another text box or additional photo can be inserted on the original background.

After typing the text you want in the meme, check the “Private” option.  This will allow you to download the meme, avoiding creating a profile with the website.






Click on “Generate Meme” and “Download Image” on the following window. Once image is downloaded, please name your image using the following format including your office FIPS:


If your office is submitting multiple Memes, please use the format:


Email the image to: before the deadline July 5th, 2019.

You can visit the MCSEA website at:


Submissions are due 07/05/2019.

Memes must be original creations.

Your office may submit as many memes as desired.

See attachment for instructions, as well as some examples of appropriate memes.

This contest is sponsored by Missouri Child Support Education Association(MCSEA).

Remember, the goal of this contest is to be fun and inclusive, to inform and inspire the public, and to achieve excellence in our efforts. Memes must reflect appropriateness and discretion. (Avoid political bias and stereotypes). Use your best judgement as a professional. Please see the expected conduct of below.

“In any content that you create or modify while using this website, do not discriminate against any sect, commit or condone illegal acts, advertise, harass others, or otherwise make it less fun for other people. Imgflip is a place to be creative and have fun! While Imgflip highly values freedom of expression, please express your opinions in a way that is kind and respectful to all people of the world, or if stating your opinion does not follow these terms, please keep it to yourself or post it elsewhere. Memes, comments, or other images whose sole purpose is to attack a person or group of people in a condemning and non-humorous way are subject to deletion, and the user account that posted such content is also subject to deletion. In particular, please be careful when authoring content around sensitive subjects such as politics, religion, and race.”