Our Beginnings

Missouri Child Support Enforcement Association was formed and organized in 1977 by Missouri child support professionals.

What does MCSEA do?

MCSEA promotes the advancement and education of its members and others involved in the administration of child support programs and the delivery of their services. Each region hosts a town hall event to gather members, discuss current child support issues and share ideas. During our annual conference we offer a wide variety of training workshops related to child support. This includes over 15 hours of Continuing Legal Education (CLE) credits and 2 hours of Ethics for attorneys.

Who is Eligible for Membership?

Regular voting membership shall be available to:

  • Missouri Circuit clerks, or court administrators, and related court personnel in state, tribal or federal courts in Missouri, and their staff;
  • Missouri government attorneys and their staff;
  • Missouri State, tribal and federal judges, family court commissioners and other judicial or quasi-judicial hearing officers officiating in Missouri;
  • Employees of the State of Missouri working in capacities related to child support enforcement;
  • The regional director and Missouri representatives of Region VII of the Office of Child Support Enforcement (OCSE);
  • Employees of private companies under current contract with the State of Missouri to perform child support functions;
  • Retired employees of any of the above A through F.

Why should you join?

  • MCSEA members receive numerous opportunities to acquaint themselves with peers across the state and share useful information and practices;
  • MCSEA members are informed of the latest details on federal and state regulations and legislation;
  • MCSEA members receive a quarterly newsletter that details the latest child support issues, techniques, and changes.

Association Objectives

  • To advance the child support enforcement program and related programs involving the best interests of children;
  • To promote the advancement and education of its members and others involved in these programs to work toward improving child support procedures and cooperation among Missouri regional, national and international agencies, private companies and other entities;
  • To promote, facilitate and improve the administration of Missouri’s child support program so that more children benefit from meaningful involvement with their parents;
  • To make child support enforcement more efficient and responsive to the needs of unsupported children;
  • To provide educational training programs for the purpose of informing state and county employees, prosecutorial staff and attorneys of the latest procedures in administrative law as well as discuss judicial procedures in our area of interest. Conference attendees can earn Continuing Legal Education credits from the Missouri Bar for many of our sessions. State managers can earn Management Training Rule credits for specified training sessions.

You do not need to be a member to attend MCSEA’s Annual Professional Training Conference.