The Missouri Child Support Enforcement Association advances the child support enforcement program and related programs involving the best interests of children. The Association shall promote the advancement and education of its members and others involved in these programs.  The Association will work toward improving child support procedures and cooperation among Missouri regional, national and international agencies, private companies and other entities. The Association will promote, facilitate and improve the administration of Missouri’s child support program so that more children benefit from meaningful involvement with their parents.


The name of the Association shall be the Missouri Child Support Enforcement Association (MCSEA).


The Association shall be a nonprofit organization incorporated under the laws of the State of Missouri.


Membership in the Association shall be voluntary. Members shall adhere to the goals of the Association.

Regular voting membership shall be available to:

  1. Missouri Circuit clerks, or court administrators, and related court personnel in state, tribal or federal courts in      Missouri, and their staff;
  2. Missouri government attorneys and their staff;
  3. Missouri State, tribal and federal judges, family court commissioners and other judicial or quasi-judicial hearing officers officiating in Missouri;
  4. Employees of the State of Missouri working in capacities related to child support enforcement.
  5. The regional director and Missouri representatives of Region VII of the Office of Child Support Enforcement (OCSE);
  6. Employees of private companies under current contract with the State of Missouri to perform child support functions;
  7. Retired employees of any of the above A through F.

Non-voting memberships shall be available to any other individual or entity as follows: Non-voting members must support the purpose of the Association and the goals as stated in the Bylaws. Non-voting members are ineligible to run for or hold an office within the Association. Any membership may be denied or terminated by two-thirds vote of the Board of Directors based on findings that membership would, or has, adversely affected or compromised the purpose of the Association. Any member whose employment status changes during the course of their membership making them ineligible for regular voting membership may choose to maintain their membership as a non-voting member. The Board reserves their right to terminate membership as outlined above.


The officers of the Association shall be the Executive Committee comprised of a President, President Elect, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and the Immediate Past-President.  The Board of Directors of the Association shall be comprised of the Executive Committee and the Regional Directors.  The number and designation of Regional Directors shall be established by the Bylaws of the Association. All officers, with the exception of the President Elect, President and Immediate Past-President, can succeed themselves in office. A voting member can be nominated for more than one elected post; however, cannot run for more than one elected post.  The President Elect shall be elected each year and shall serve subsequent consecutive one-year terms in the positions of President and Immediate Past-President. The President Elect must have previously served on the Board of Directors.  The Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer of the Executive Committee will serve two-year terms in their respective offices beginning January 1, after the conference when they were elected, and expiring December 31 of the following year.  Elections shall be held at the annual conference of the Association in accordance with the provisions of this article and in the manner provided by the Bylaws of the Association.  In the event an annual conference cannot be held and therefore no election is held, the current Executive Board and Regional Directors will remain in office for an additional term.  All Regional Directors shall serve terms of two years and can succeed themselves in office.  At least one Regional Director per region must be employed in the region which they are elected to represent.  With prior notice to the President, a Board member may designate a proxy to attend a Board of Directors meeting in place of that Board member, with the same voting privileges. Proxies must be voting members of the MCSEA.  A majority of the Board of Directors may enact and amend Bylaws for the implementation of the Association’s goals and policies. All regular voting members shall be given notice of Bylaw changes.


This constitution may only be amended by a majority vote of the entire membership.

Last revised at the Annual MCSEA Professional Development Conference, October 2014.