August 2021

August is a time for recognition, a time for reflection, a time for benevolence.


For 25 years, the national child support community has observed August as Child Support Awareness Month. In 1995, former president Bill Clinton established Child Support Awareness Month to recognize the accomplishments of the program and its employees. For Missouri, each August marks the time in which we recognize the critical role child support plays in the lives of children and the value of both parents contributing to their child's future.

The Child Support program provides the resources necessary for children to thrive and August is the time to celebrate that.

Child Support Awareness Month is also a time to reflect on the progress that has been made with efforts to establish paternity and increase amounts given to children. These efforts allow children to receive both the emotional and the financial support they need from each of their parents to reach their fullest potential.

Child Support Awareness Month

Participate in the fun

Activities will be discussed in further detail during our Virtual Gathering for Child Support Awareness Month held on July 23rd! More details on how to join are on their way!

Join us for a month full of activities this August and you could win some prizes along the way! Activities include: