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About Us

MCSEA is a 501(c)(3) non-profit training organization dedicated to the well-being of Missouri children and inspiring excellence in child support professionals, Family Support Division employees, and other partnerships dedicated to the success of our program. 

Our events provide an opportunity for attendees to dive into the world of child support. Events are intended to inform, update, and inspire the IV-D community in their ongoing efforts in their professions. 

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Every quarter, MCSEA leadership organizes townhall meetings to provide updates and feedback on ever-changing information and issues pertaining to child support. Join us for engaging discussion!

Townhall Meetings

Each year, MCSEA hosts it's annual conference in efforts to bridge gaps and educate. These groups include the greatest minds in the Child Support field including state employees, prosecuting attorney offices, fatherhood programs, and re-entry programs. 

Annual Conference


Jolon J. Wickern

Training Coordinator

Family Support Division

"MCSEA allows us not only to provide the needed training to our team members and partners, but it also allows us to get re-connected to why we work in the child support program to begin with.  Associations like these allow us to learn new skills, make connections with others that can help us do our job better, and overall, give us a renewed sense of the impact the program makes to the families we serve."

Who we are

John Ginwright

Deputy Director of Child Support

Family Support Division

“MCSEA gives child support partners and professionals the opportunity to network and share best practices and innovative ideas in a non-structured setting. Unlike the normal work environment, MCSEA allows everyone from entry-level employees to the department director the same opportunity to express their opinions and provide their input on a level playing field. The Association has proven to be of great benefit in furthering Missouri’s child support mission and goals.”

Kerensa Morrow-Kempf

MCSEA Past President

"I have a personal connection to child support. As a trainer for the State of Missouri, I'm fulfilled when I see my trainees help the people of Missouri.  We offer sessions for child support specialists, circuit clerks, attorneys, and positive parenting programs so that these professionals are well informed of our ever-changing landscape. Learning together, we can provide a positive outcome for the families we serve."

The MCSEA Scholarship is available to all Child Support professionals that are members of the MCSEA family. Endeavoring for excellence in their fields, recipients receive financial support to attend our Annual Conference.  


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"Children are the world's most valuable resource and its best hope for the future."

John F. Kennedy