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MCSEA's goal is to prepare and support Missouri's child support workforce.  The MCSEA scholarship is available to provide an opportunity for dedicated workers to develop customer service skills and an intimate knowledge of work processes. Please fill out the form below to apply for financial support for attendance to our Annual Conference.

Family Support Division staff do not have to use annual leave to attend, however, as a voluntary training opportunity, the State will not reimburse attendees for mileage or meals.  You must obtain management approval to use the scholarship.

Scholarship applications are due by the close of business 09/20/2023.  If you are awarded a scholarship, you must receive approval from your office management to attend.

Notify MCSEA within 2 business days to accept or decline.

Scholarship Application

To register, please click the "Apply" link below.  You must be a member of MCSEA by 09-23-2024 in order to be eligible to win a scholarship.

You must have supervisory permission to attend; please do not submit this form until you have confirmed that you have permission to attend.

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